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Register Now For This Live Event

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Only 50 Spots available

Only 50 Spots

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FREE Live Event

FREE Live Event

Now is your chance to discover how I find undervalued properties online and buy them.

Free Copy Of My Book For All Attendees

Free Copy Of My Book For All Attendees

For everyone who registers over the next 48 hours will receive a free copy of my best selling book "Muffins To Millions" normally valued at $37 AUD a copy.

Simply put this one day real estate workshop reveals how to own a property outright with ZERO debt in two years or less! plus Boom Suburbs in Australia, how to find undervalued properties including deceased estates and mortgagee in possession plus much much more!

This is unlike any other seminar you've been to before, yes tough statement but no exaggeration! Have you been to multiple live seminars before on real estate? Probably huh? Well I want this to be your last seminar you'll ever have to attend because I will actually REVEAL my strategies at this event and not hold back waiting to sell you some over-priced course. I actually reveal at this event real content, personal strategies I've used and show you the actual profits that can be made in some areas in Australia.

Getting Started Fast:I want to show you first up in the first 30 minutes of my event how to get started in Real Estate even if you're a beginner. I also put emphasis on starting fast not in the slow lane. Deals don't wait around..

Gathering Information: Learn what to research and how I research my online deals. Find out the exact websites I use to find these undervalued properties online.

Everything Else!: Now comes the fun part - Creating Fast Cashflow! Through proven strategies of negotiation, putting together deals, applying for DA's and also we'll talk about the real estate education business and the millions being made.

Who am I?

Peter Sun

I'm an ex-real estate agent, renovator and business man. I've written many books over the last few years on Real Estate as well as spoken at over 200 events in the last 20 years, I'm not an 'overnight' real estate success story that you see pop up over the internet claiming to reveal to you untold riches in Real Estate... I've been doing this for a very long time and have made a lot of money in Real Estate .. as well as losing a lot of money :) (usually through divorce) .. and at this event you'll hear my 'tell all' story on how you can avoid these mistakes too!

It's true. No matter who you are, what background you have or where you live in Australia, you can learn how to make a good income doing nothing but finding real estate opportunities that others either can't see or don't know how to take advantage of... It's an easy business to get into. You don't need an office or storefront. You don't need retail clerks or salespeople. You don't even need a to have a high school education, or be a budding genius.

In fact, all you need to get into real estate investing is to use our strategies and follow our proven systems for finding, negotiating and buying or optioning good real estate...

Just because you get into the real estate business or buy property does not automatically mean you're going to make money. That's because success in real estate is kind of like baking a cake. To bake a cake, you use a recipe, put all the ingredients in the right order, pop it in the oven, and you end up with a cake. But try to make that same cake without a recipe, and chances are you're not going to end up with a cake at all. In fact, you're probably going to end up with one heck of a mess!

The importance of having the right real estate business mindset and a rock solid life purpose that inspires, drives, and motivates you, is not something you'll normally hear about at trainings such as this. However, I consider this the most important part of achieving success in Real Estate...

Because no matter how much money you make in your real estate business, it'll never be worth a cent if you first don't look after your health and relationships with others around you. I'll be sharing my experiences with you to ensure that you not only create wealth in all areas of your life... but that you also hold on to it now... and beyond the year 2020.

Here's a quick breakdown on what we'll also cover at the event:

  • Why it is so important to Define Your Goals and Target Buyers For Your Property, before you even buy, develop, or start renovating. (Most people buy, renovate, or develop and then ask, "Who can I sell it to?" That's the wrong way.)
  • Where to find the Ultimate Target Market to Sell Your Properties To. (And how to know beforehand if the people you are selling to are in the position to buy from you.)
  • How to Avoid The Really Dumb Mistakes behind almost all real estate investment and development failures! (This alone can assure you of a 1000% better chance of success.)
  • How to find Capital and Complete Financing for your real estate projects without going to the banks!!
  • How to come up with killer ads and websites that will Make MORE People Want To Inspect and Buy Your Properties!
  • How to Master the Mechanics of a Real Estate Investing Business that Really Works!
  • How to estimate the Profit Potential and risk of any development and renovation project before you start, and How to Know in Advance Which Real Estate Projects Will Be Big Winners before you invest a single penny! And which ones to walk away from!!

YES, you will learn all this, and more! And it's all presented in a way that makes it easy to follow and simple to understand. More importantly, you'll learn that success in the real estate business can be almost automatic - if you follow the recipe!

But, as the experts pointed out, having the choice to do what you want and having the free time to do it can become quite addictive. Once you taste this freedom, you'll find it hard to go back to your old job. You'll never want to work for anyone but yourself. And you'll know why those who are doing it say having a successful real estate investment portfolio is the ultimate adventure!

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22nd June 2019, Saturday

Surfers Paradise RSL
1/9 Beach Rd, Surfers Paradise QLD 4217
Ph: +61 7 5539 8966


Time: 09:00 am to 11:00 am

(8:50 AM Registration)